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How to be certified for the MRSS Interviewer Certification


1. Registration

Call up or visit MRSS member agency and register with the agency. A fee of S$30 is payable to the MRSS member agency upon registration.


Minimum qualification

For new interviewers, the minimum requirement is a GCE ‘N’ level pass. Existing interviewers, that is, if you are currently working as an interviewer with any MRSS member agency, should possess primary education with at least 5 years of field experience. 

2. Online Test

You are required to take an online test at the MRSS member agency you have registered with. You must complete the test within 30 days of the registration. Payment will be forfeited should you decide not to take the test.


Preparing for the test

You can download the training materials from the MRSS website “” upon successful registration. The study notes will come in the form of a handbook for easy reading.


What is this online test about

The online test will cover topics such as “Understanding market research”, “The Interviewer Code of Conduct”, “Why you should attend project briefing?”, “The interview process’, and “What you should do during an interview”.


Format of the online test

Questions are either TRUE/FALSE or Multiple Choice Questions. You will be given 45 minutes to complete the test. The total number of questions is 40.


Results of the online test

A message will appear on your computer screen upon submission of the test answers to indicate if you have passed or failed.



In the event you did not pass the test, you will be allowed one more attempt to re-take the test. However, you have to re-take the test within 30 days after the first test.

3. Certification

Once you pass the test, you are a certified interviewer of the MRSS Interviewer Certification Scheme. You are required to sign a declaration form prepared by the MRSS member agency as an undertaking to abide by the Interviewer Code of Conduct before you can be officially certified. After this, your agency will submit your name to MRSS for your official ID to be processed. You may collect the ID card from your respective agency when it is ready.


Validity of certification

Once you pass the online test, your certification will be valid for 2 years.

4. Renewal Of Certification

The renewal will cost S$20. If you have been working with a MRSS member agency during the 2 years, the agency can endorse and facilitate your re-certification.


However, if you have not been working with a MRSS member agency during this period, you will need to take a re-certification test.