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  1. Market Research must always be carried out objectively and according to established scientific principles.
  2. Market Research must always conform to the national and international laws which apply in those countries involved in a research project.

The Rights of Respondents  

  1. The respondent’s co-operation in a market research project is entirely voluntary at all stages. They must not be misled when being asked for their co-operation.
  2. The respondent’s anonymity must be strictly preserved.
  3. The interviewer must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that respondents are in no way directly harmed or adversely affected as a result of their participation in a market research project.
  4. The interviewer must take special care when interviewing children and young people. The consent of a parent or guardian must first be obtained for interviews with children.
  5. Respondents must be told if observation techniques or recording equipment are being used, except where these are used in a public place. If a respondent so requests, the record or relevant section of it must be destroyed or deleted.
  6. Respondents must be able to check without difficulty the identity and bona fides of the interviewer.

The Professional Responsibilities of the Interviewers

  1. Interviewers must not, whether knowingly or negligently, act in any way which could bring discredit on the market research profession or lead to a loss of public confidence in it.
  2. Interviewers must not make false claims about their skills and experience or about those of their organization.
  3. Interviewers must not unjustifiably criticise or discredit other interviewers.
  4. Interviewers must ensure the security of all research records in their care.
  5. When acting in their capacity as interviewers, the interviewer must not undertake any non-research activities. 

The Mutual Rights and Responsibilities of Interviewer

  1. Market research briefs, specifications and other information provided by the client, the research data and findings from a market research project remain the property of the client and must not be disclosed by an interviewer to any third party without the client’s permission. The client has, however, no right to know the names and addresses of respondents unless the respondent’s explicit permission for this has first been obtained by the interviewers.
  2. The interviewer must not disclose the identity of the client (provided there is no legal obligation to do so) or any confidential information about the client’s business to any third party without the client’s permission.
  3. The interviewer must allow checks to be conducted on their work at all times.