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  • Every year, the Market Research Society of Singapore establishes a set of initiative aimed at enhancing the overall market research scene in Singapore
  • One of the key priorities is to explore the possibility of certifying local full-time and part-time interviewers.



  • Provide official certification for legitimate and trained market research interviewers
  • Raise the minimum standards of the interviewers engaged by accredited market research organizations.
  • Differentiate between certified interviewers and other so-called ‘interviewers’ who are selling products under the guise of interviewing.



  • Your certification will be recognized by the market research industry.
  • You will be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills essential to conduct interviews for research purposes in a professional manner.
  • You will be part of a database of certified interviewers available through the MRSS website.
  • More interviewing jobs and opportunities will be opened to you as MRSS member agencies confer higher priority to certified interviewers to take on their projects.
  • You are likely to receive a higher response rate from potential respondents upon introducing yourself with the MRSS ID card.