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Can an MRSS membership be transferred from one person to another ?

MRSS membership per se is not transferrable, as each membership is approved specific to the individual’s details, and each member must personally agree to abide by the Code of Professional Behaviour. 


If the person’s membership fees have been paid by the company on the member’s behalf, the fees may be transferred to another employee if the person leaves the company. The person to whom the fees are transferred must apply and be approved as a member in their own right before the transferred fees can be applied to their membership. Please contact our Membership Coordinator to arrange this. 

If I change companies, what happens to my MRSS membership ? Do i have to re-apply ?

For individual members, there’s no need to re-apply. Your membership remains in your own name, even if you have changed companies. 


We can update your membership record to reflect the new company’s details, and can arrange for your membership fees to resume from that point in time, calculated pro rata for the remainder of the year. Please contact our Membership Coordinator to arrange this.

If I have been a member of the MRSS in the past and I wish to re-join, do I have to re-apply or can my past membership be reactivated ?

As long as we are able to locate details of your previous membership in our archived records, we can reinstate your membership without the need for you to re-apply. This can only be done at the same level of membership held previously.