Five Insights to Help Brands Win with Social Media

Five Insights to Help Brands Win with Social Media
Five Insights to Help Brands Win with Social Media

Written by Glenn Rosenberg, Jessica Figueiras-Chen and Kseniia Zaikova


Do you want your brand to succeed socially? If so, here’s five top tips!

Insight 1: #MentionsAreAJoke


Maybe not that hysterical, but social media has gone way beyond the counting of brand mentions and themes. Social success lies in a brand’s ability to engage customers and to drive passion. Researcher’s success in this world is our ability to measure based on this criteria and look for ways to optimize brand success in the context of a growing normative base of all shapes and sizes.

Insight 2: #AudienceCentricity


A victory a few years back would have been reading out the social mentions of target audiences based on demographics. Well, that was then and the generalizations of who and what millennials are, for example, is old and tired news. The question is, do brands really understand the nuances and unique traits that make up the various segments of a millennial today? Or males, females or any other demographic groups you can presently analyze within the social sphere? What interests do they have? Are they pet-lovers, do they like ice cream or video games or like to eat ice cream while playing video games? The opportunity to profile and segment by attitudes and behaviors is in the here and now: to know where folks visit, what they like to do, what they watch, what they feel, etc. adds depth vital for an advertiser’s ability to find its desired audience, to tailor its message and as well as for a researcher to analyze the marketplace and the performance of an advertiser’s efforts.

Insight 3: #ImagePower


Image Analysis is the new hot thing. As social media shifts towards a more “snackable” “on the go” content philosophy, understanding what consumers are telling you through images is as important as what they say about a brand.

Insight 4: #BiggerPictureThinking


As the advertising and research world talk endlessly about the linking of multiple data sources, we know that, like with survey data, social media cannot be analyzed in a silo. We need to link social media data, survey data, reviews and other relevant data streams to deliver the deeper, rounded, bigger picture us Insights folk enjoy and our client’s need.

Insight 5: #RealTime


Social is now. 10 minutes from now may be too late and brands, advertisers and researchers are compelled to adapt to deliver in real time. For example, T-Mobile’s real-time customer care initiative where social data is analyzed 24/7 by a trained war room of customer care specialists so as to immediately respond and cross correct to any tweet or crisis that arises, whether nationally or locally. The upshot: brands that embrace “live” and always-on, are the ones that thrive.

Written by by Glenn Rosenberg, Executive Vice President, US Head of Tracking, Jessica Figueiras-Chen and Kseniia Zaikova, Project Manager, Kantar Added Value.

Article reproduced with permission of RW Connect and ESOMAR.


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