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Ipsos Pte Ltd
Ipsos Pte Ltd

Ipsos Pte Ltd
Ipsos is a leading global market research company with presence in 90 markets and operates with more than 17,000 employees. The essence of what we do is to help companies and organizations perform better by listening to what their audiences are saying, understanding what they are thinking and anticipate what they have in mind. Over 40 years of market research has placed Ipsos today with some of the world’s most innovative and strongly validated research models. But we go beyond delivering data. We digest it, put it in context, and then let our clients know how they can best translate this understanding into efficient and effective programmes, brand strategies, policies, organisational and marketing initiatives.
In Singapore, Ipsos has had a presence since 1995. Our ability to offer global expertise combined with deep understanding of the local market is surpassed by few others.
In 2019, we retained our Silver award in the annual Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards.
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Katharine Zhou | Managing Director, Singapore
Prasad Shinde | Senior Client Officer
Tammy Ho | Senior Manager, Marketing Communications
Company email: Ipsos.sg@ipsos.com
Address: 3 Killiney Road, #05-01 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519
Tel: +65 6333 1511